Quantum Entanglement

In the world of science & technology there has been many mind-boggling advancements. The most recent one that caught my eye comes form an article in the Government Gazette. It feels good to know I’m right about the filtering of information, tracking and so on that can be used in such times as we live in now. So here’s my take on it:

In the article: Scientist captured an image of two photons sharing one physical space…the distance between them is not an issue.

This is Old News in the Developer World, but New in the Public World-of-Unpublished-Information. This tech is the most abusive and corrupt  ever launched on man kind…IMMORAL DEBAUCHERY! It allow one person to take total advantage of another…And WITHOUT their knowledge.

To the Admins on the network, the End User License Agreement your provide & The “Non-conventional Objects”…Bow Down and Abide Forever!

Or Die at the hands of secret aggressors.

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