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If code is meant to better any health care system or educational system and/or other alike goals in society why is there only provisions protecting partners and allowing them to run amuck? When I say run amuck I mean to literally abuse the laws that we all live under. For instance illegal drugs being brought in the USA the connect people to the next Gen Network, open-doorways into the homes of Americans by anyone working as a partner and less not I forget the dual-role position where one person owns all the data and communications in a home while the other struggles to understand why shit doesn’t work right. Any idea that shows we have equal rights is out the window. Murder has literally taken on a new meaning because of EULA’s and tech. Considering when tech Admins have the right to protect their interest with tech, the only people safe are the ones working on the inside. Now laws against Crisper and with WHO working at the root the facts stare us all in the face. But it gets better, Google is about to unleash it’s largest attack on men ever. Get ready for more court cases behind closed doors, medical claims, more disabled workers being identified. And likely more public-displays of objection.